About Us

Circle Mortgage Group is a Mortgage Brokerage established by Jivan Sanghera. Jivan has been an industry participant since the Early 2000s and has been selling mortgages for more than 10 years. The experience and awards we have won are only a byproduct of the most important thing. Our commitment to our clients.Circle Mortgage has the ability to meet virtually with a client in any part of Canada but more importantly the advice we offer when we do meet takes into account the needs of each individual client. Some of you may be refinancing to pay for your child's wedding, others may just be getting ready to move out on their own.There is no such thing as a perfect mortgage, so until that is invented you can trust Circle Mortgage Group to help you navigate the uncharted waters of the lending market.One other thing you should definitely know about us is that Circle Mortgage Group makes a charitable donation with each and every Mortgage deal that we do. So we can "build wealth in everyone's best interest"So imagine a Mortgage that works with you, and the fact that you made the world a better place, by making a better choice on who you work with for your Mortgage!